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  • Experience

    Experienced and efficient first-class process formulation and programming technical team

  • Fully equipped

    Various high-precision imported and domestic processing equipment and testing equipment

  • High quality and high service

    Professional production service team, perfect service system

  • Various crafts

    Provide processing, technology, surface treatment, material properties, a full set of technology

  • surface treatment

    Various supporting materials, surface treatment and heat treatment whole process packaging service

  • safe and efficient

    SF Express, Leapfrog and other high-quality logistics services, safe and efficient

Four reasons to choose us


    Based in Dongguan for many years of production and manufacturing experience

    Based in Dongguan for many years, we have rich industry experience and many years of production management experience, so that you have no worries. Finished product factory inspection: The finished product is strictly inspected before leaving the factory to ensure that the defective rate is 0.01


    Rich experience, on-demand customization can meet various complex shapes

    Technical staff who have been engaged in the hardware industry for more than 20 years experience full-time illustrations according to customer needs. Can be customized


    Production capacity, guaranteed delivery

    Automated production saves time: 24-hour automated production, effectively saving production cycle, a variety of processing equipment, production capacity to meet customer needs


    All-round star service, caring and thoughtful

    One-stop production line, shorten the production cycle, effectively save costs, professional technical team free on-site maintenance


About us

  1. 60units


  2. 1-10Days

    Fast delivery

  3. 23Years

    Development path

  • 2022

    Became the honorary pilot enterprise of the "Doubling Plan" of strategic emerging industries in Dongguan

  • 2021

    Won the Certificate of the Best Innovation Member Unit of Dongguan High-tech Industry Association

  • 2020

    Won the honorary certificate of "Fighting the Epidemic, Together with Great Love" in Tangxia Town, Dongguan

  • 2018

    Expand production scale and move to KYD High-tech Industrial Park

  • 2016

    Won the national high-tech enterprise certificate

  • 2013

    Open the road of innovation in automated production lines

  • 2009

    Expand equipment and build a full-process production line from sheet metal processing to CNC precision processing

  • 2002

    Upgraded to a precision mold manufacturing plant

  • 1999

    Founders Zeng Junfu and Chen Weihong founded Dongguan KYD

KYD Group Hardware Accessories Processing Division is a high-tech enterprise focusing on precision CNC machining, precision round knife molds, and various sheet metal R&D, design and processing. The company has entered the hardware accessories processing industry since 2000. After more than years of development, it has been operating on a large scale. At present, it has more than 200 technical employees, a production workshop of more than 10,000 square meters, and more than 60 CNC machine tools. The supporting equipment includes: high-speed CNC punching machines, high-power laser cutting equipment, and high-tonnage bending machines. , laser welding machine, CNC spark machine, precision grinding machine, engraving machine and other high-performance processing equipment, and is equipped with two-dimensional, three-dimensional and various supporting testing equipment. It can meet the production requirements of various complex parts and ensure the precision and quality of products. We ···

Production Environment

  • 工作台
  • 激光机
  • 龙门铣
  • 线切割
  • 折弯机
  • CNC加工2
  • CNC加工
  • 数控冲床

Team style

  • Team building activities
  • Yangjiang group tour
  • Qingyuan Activities
  • Charity aid activities
  • Island survival expansion activities
  • group photo of engineers
  • Team building
  • Happy working, happy grilling

Service Case

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  • 深圳市金盛机电科技有限公司
  • 广州易鸿智能科技有限公司
  • 广东正业科技股份有限公司
  • 东莞市三缘自动化科技有限公司
  • 广东伊洛斯制冷科技有限公司
  • 东莞市展荣电子设备有限公司
  • 深圳市唯酷光电有限公司
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